Vivid Bot™ 

This is the traditional recycling system robotic solution. Robotic arms will continue to be employed in tight retrofits and low-volume facilities where air jet units simply won’t fit or where multiple separate sort categories are required to be extracted at once.


  • Good solution for tighter retrofits and lower volume areas
  • More than three material categories can be identified and sorted


Technical Articles

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Webinar: Robots, Optics, Air Jets, AI…oh my!


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  • Aluminum QC: UBCs from Non-UBC aluminum and non-metals
  • PET QC: Bottles from thermo-forms and non-PET
  • HDPE QC: Natural from Color PE and non-PE
  • Last Chance: Recyclables from residue
  • Black Plastics from mixed recyclables
  • Food-grade from non-food-grade polymers
  • E-Scrap: Circuit boards, copper, CPUs, etc.
  • Automotive Scrap: air bags, meatballs, tires, etc.