Auto Shredder Residue (ASR) Sorting

For the sorting of pre-processed ASR or ELV (End of Life Vehicles), MSS offers tailored sensor based sorting machines to extract and maximize commodity values.

As an example, the negative pass fraction of upstream eddy-current separators can be further mined for stainless steel, wire/ICW and circuit boards/PCB using our ultrasensitive induction-based MetalMiner™. Our patented MapLine™ algorithm allows the differentiation between ferrous, non-ferrous and stainless steel.

Low grade Zurik fractions can be further sorted into individual stainless steel, ICW and PCB packages using our high-resolution L-VIS™ camera sorter. Our patented WireHawk™ algorithm is specifically designed for metal scrap applications in mind. Furthermore, ColorMask™ is MSS’s proprietary illuminated reference technology. The most recent design update features improved sorting accuracy for materials with difficult colors and weak contrast, such as dark green circuit boards and black insulated wires.

For both types of sensor sorters, we offer different widths and configurations, adjusting for the different particle sizes and bulk density of the processed materials.

MSS designs and builds both hardware and software from the ground up at our shop in Nashville. Not only do we supply complete new sensor sorters, we are also able to retrofit competitors’ conveyor and catcher hood frames with our “sensor only” packages.

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