About MSS

MSS, Inc. designs and manufactures next-generation optical sorting technology for use in the waste and recycling industry.

MSS optical sorting systems are ultra high-speed automated machines that sort up to 40 times faster than a human being. We develop state-of-the-art optical sorting systems that are field-proven to give you the most efficient separation of recyclables available, while providing you with the cost-effective, time-saving technology you need to meet current market demands and take your operation into the future.

Simply Smarter Sorting

MSS, Inc. is a division of CP Group, the world’s leading provider of waste diversion solutions and manufacturer of material recovery facilities.

CP Group is a team of manufacturers and leaders of innovation in the waste and recycling industry. CP Group—comprised of CP ManufacturingKrause Manufacturing, MSS, Inc., and Advanced MRF—provides a variety of sort solutions worldwide, including MRF manufacturing, retrofits, audits, consulting, and engineering services. Custom turn-key systems are designed, installed, and serviced by CP Group for residential recycling, commercial and industrial, municipal solid waste, engineered fuel, construction and demolition, and electronic waste processing.