Vivid Vision™ 

Take full advantage of Vivid AI’s powerful statistics and data monitoring tools for incoming and outgoing material streams in your recycling facility. Powered by Recycleye, driven by Recycleye Vision, a ground-breaking AI technology that is as powerful as a human eye.

We have captured millions of images and built a data neural network on an array of material, packaging, and container types. This allows our machines to identify objects on the belt so our machines can make a yes/no sorting decision in real-time. This data collection is continuously growing.

Vivid Vision™ is deployed with Vivid Air™ or Vivid Bot™ and can also be used as a standalone unit for material characterization analysis.


  • Monitor material characterization to make real-time operating decisions
  • Create data and material audit reports
  • Modular design allows you to place on most conveyor belts


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  • Aluminum QC: UBCs from Non-UBC aluminum and non-metals
  • PET QC: Bottles from thermo-forms and non-PET
  • HDPE QC: Natural from Color PE and non-PE
  • Last Chance: Recyclables from residue
  • Black Plastics from mixed recyclables
  • Food-grade from non-food-grade polymers
  • E-Scrap: Circuit boards, copper, CPUs, etc.
  • Automotive Scrap: air bags, meatballs, tires, etc.