Next-Generation Optical Sorting Technology

MSS optical sorting technology is designed to handle the real-world challenges of an ever-changing waste stream. For over 40 years, MSS optical sorting systems have increased system efficiency, recovered the highest quality products, and cut manual labor costs while increasing worker safety.

Best-In-Class Optical Sorters

The MSS CIRRUS®® recently achieved the highest average sorting performance against five competitors in an independent study of shrink-sleeved PET bottles.

Superior Technology

Our innovative R&D engineers develop cutting-edge sensor-based technology to meet new and upcoming industry demands.


Maximum Uptime

Advanced sensor monitoring and reporting systems ensure maximum uptime.

Unmatched Experience

Since building the first optical sorter for plastic bottles in 1989, we’ve expanded our deep knowledge to all other sectors of the recycling industry.

Continuous Durability

Our optical separators are built to last and operate for years to come.

Highest Quality Commodities

Our patented optical sorting technologies increases your productivity and generate the highest quality commodities.

Free Remote Support

We believe in your long-term success and guarantee free phone and remote support over the lifetime of your equipment.

Latest MSS News

Optimizing Optical Sorters

Optimizing Optical Sorters

Routine maintenance and periodic adjustments could help optimize optical sorters operating in material recovery facilities. With increasing age and hours of operation, the performance of optical sorters can start declining. General lack of cleaning and maintenance as...

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MSS Receives Patent for PrecisionFlow™ Eject Hood Design

MSS Receives Patent for PrecisionFlow™ Eject Hood Design

Patented hood for optical sorters works in combination with air-assist systems for precise material handling. MSS, Inc., the optical sorting division of CP Group, announced they received a patent for their PrecisionFlow™ eject hood for optical sorters. When processing...

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Future-Proofing the MRF with FiberMax™

Future-Proofing the MRF with FiberMax™

MSS FiberMax™ optical sorter cuts costs while handling challenging materials and optimizing output quality (article published in Recycling Product News, April 2018) MSS, Inc., part of the CP Group and based in Nashville, Tennessee, is in the process of supplying a...

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MSS & CP Group

MSS is a division of CP Group. CP Group designs and manufactures material recovery facilities and recycling equipment for Single Stream Recycling, Construction and Demolition Waste, Commercial and Industrial Waste, Waste to Energy, Municipal Solid Waste, Electronic Scrap, Auto-Shredder Residue, and more.