Unleash the Power of AI

Vivid AI brings a revolutionary approach to material extraction. Our advanced algorithms, driven by state-of-the-art machine learning techniques, unlock a level of precision and speed never seen before.


MSS Optical Sorters – Simply Smarter Sorting

MSS optical sorting technology is designed to handle the real-world challenges of an ever-changing waste stream and statistically proven to provide more efficient separation than any other optical sorters. For over 45 years, MSS optical sorting systems have provided you with maximum capacity and up time, minimum maintenance, highest recovery, and best end product purity. When you purchase MSS not only do you receive a trusted optical sorter but also technical support that includes life-time free phone and remote support.

Next-Generation Optical Sorting Technology

MSS prides itself in providing automated optical sorting solutions to all sectors of the recycling and waste management industry. Whether you are a processor and recycle of single-commodities such as plastics, paper, glass, wood, metals, and electronic scrap or if you are an operator of a facility for mixed materials such as single-stream, dual-stream, C&D, C&I, MSW, RDF, etc., we have the solution for you, automatically!

MSS develops its sensor hardware and software in-house and from the ground up, with total control over our products and technology.

Our Commitment to After-Sale Service

MSS provides continuous after-sale service as well as phone and remote access support for the life of our products. We provide unrestricted access to all levels of the software for our units, and our software licenses never expire!

A Division of CP Group

MSS Inc. is a division of CP Group, which provides complete recycling solutions from MRF engineering to installation by combining the experience of MSS, CP, Krause, and Advanced MRF. CP Group designs and manufactures material recovery facilities and recycling equipment for Single Stream Recycling, Construction and Demolition Waste, Commercial and Industrial Waste, Waste to Energy, Municipal Solid Waste, Electronic Scrap, Auto-Shredder Residue, and more.