Plastic Sorting Equipment

PETMSS installed the first commercial automated optical plastic sorting equipment for separating PET and HDPE bottles by resin and color in Schaumburg, IL, USA in 1989. Since then, and several equipment generations later, our newest state-of-the-art technologies continue to push the boundaries of what’s possible in plastic bottles and flake sorting, with the CIRRUS® and L-VIS™ optical sorters.

Plastic Bottle Sorting Equipment

Whether you are looking to extract plastics from dirty feed stock (MSW, C&I, etc.), sorting plastics by type and color in a single-stream or dual-stream MRF, or further purify a pre-sorted PET or HDPE stream at a plastics converter facility by removing color and resin contaminants MSS offers the optical sorters to cover all your needs.

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Plastic Flake Sorting Equipment

MetalSort_Conveyor_Arrangement_HRFor the separation of small particles, sizes less than one inch (25mm), MSS offers high-resolution sensors for your color and contaminant sorting needs. Our latest research and development efforts really paid off as the ultimate performance of our L-VIS™ and CIRRUS™ optical sorters will prove to you.

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