Next-Generation Optical Plastic Sorting

The CIRRUS® PlasticMax is the industry’s most efficient optical sorter for containers and plastic recovery. PlasticMax accurately identifies and recovers the most challenging material, such as short fills, labels, and PET-G.



Best Signal-to-Noise Ratio

MSS doesn’t use gratings or beam/light splitters, so our detectors receive the maximum amount of reflected light possible.

Easy Sort Setup

High number of NIR and Color wavelengths make it possible to change sort setups with programming software, no hardware changes required.

Best Ejection Accuracy

Mechanical features virtually eliminate tumbling and rolling of small single-serve PET bottles and yogurt cups.


Low Maintenance

Continuous Automated Internal Calibration virtually eliminates the need for manual re-calibration on a regular basis.
The NIR sensor housing is under positive pressure which eliminates dust accumulation on the inside.

Increased Recovery Rates

Distance between detection and ejection allows for full image analysis, increasing recovery rates and reducing cross-contamination.

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Up to 36x higher pixel resolution for better accuracy for crushed items and objects with labels.

Maximum Results with CIRRUS®

  • In Flight Detection with Illuminated Reference
  • Over-the-belt Detection with Reflective Reference
  • Advanced Learning Software and Identification Algorigthms
  • Precise Air Jets
  • Integration into Existing Processing Systems
  • Each Unit Tailored to Your Specific Needs

Best-In-Class Optical Sorters

The MSS CIRRUS® recently achieved the highest average sorting performance against five competitors in an independent study of shrink-sleeved PET bottles.

Seeing is believing.

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