Optical Sorting Equipment

Optical Sorting in High-Definition

MSS prides itself in providing automated optical sorting solutions to all sectors of the recycling and waste management industry. Our innovative sensor technologies provide an array of recycling businesses with the opportunity to increase their efficiency, throughput and, ultimately, the bottom line. Whether you are a processor and recycle of single-commodities such as plastics, paper, glass, wood, metals, and electronic scrap or if you are an operator of a facility for mixed materials such as dual-stream, single-stream, MSW, C&D, C&I, etc., we have the solution for you, automatically!

Our optical sorters provide you with maximum capacity and up time, minimum maintenance, highest recovery, and best end product purity. When you purchase MSS not only do you receive a trusted optical sorter but also technical support that includes life-time free phone and remote support.









Customizable Solutions

MSS optical sorters are available in a variety of sizes, and can be equipped with add-on’s, including an all-metal detector for sorting out metals, or an additional air-ejection array to create a third output fraction.

Intuitive Interface

Our color touchscreen user interface is the most intuitive in the industry by providing sort setup flexibility by the touch of a button. It provides remote access via modem or Ethernet connection.

Sort Better with Statistics

Processing and sorting statistics are generated automatically and can be downloaded into spreadsheets and databases by the user.


Split Configuration

Using a “split” configuration allows our customers to process to parallel stream at the same time on one machine simultaneously.

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