Next-Generation Optical Fiber Sorting Technology

Improve Fiber Quality, Reduce Headcount

FiberMax™ optical sorter maximizes fiber quality for best marketability while reducing manual sorter headcount.



Belt speeds up to 1,000 feet/minute sort paper 40x faster than manual QC.


Intuitive learning software adapts to changes in the material stream.


Higher purity of newspaper and mixed paper for better marketability.

Performance You Can Count On

112" wide belts

Fastest belt speeds in the industry: 1000 feet/minute

2000 picks per minute

Watch CIRRUS® FiberMaxTM in Action

Based on the popular CIRRUS® sensor platform, the FiberMax provides increased sorting speeds, sensing capability and operating flexibility. Put simply, the CIRRUS® FiberMax is faster, smarter and better.

The CIRRUS® FiberMax is currently running in both commercial paper recycling operations (recovering mixed paper and sorted office paper), and residential fiber operations (removing prohibitives and outthrows from newspaper and mixed paper). In both applications it is exceeding expectations.

Featured in Recycling Today

“Eight manual sorters on a line can make about 400 picks per minute, but MSS optical sorters can make about 2,000 picks in that same time.”

Read the article here

Integrate a FiberMaxTM into your solution and get results.

  • Headcount reduction on fiber QC
  • Reduce exposure to potential market risks such as “Green Fence” or “National Sword”
  • Improved fiber marketability
  • 40 times faster than manual fiber sorting

FiberMax Features

  • MaxSelect Capability utilizes patented sequential scanning for the highest-definition scan possible.
  • ClearLight technology provides the strongest signal-to-noise ratio of any optical sorter in the recycling industry.
  • Custom widths available (up to 112″)
  • High-velocity belt speeds of 1000 feet per minute

Take control of your operating costs and product marketability with FiberMaxTM

As wages continue to rise and exporting commodities becomes more difficult, it is more important than ever before to run a lean operation. FiberMax™ eliminates manual sorters on your fiber QC line by achieving faster sorting speeds, smarter recognition capabilities, and higher purity of fiber for better marketability.

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  • Justify the return on investment
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  • Visit a FiberMax installation in the field

Operating Costs


Product Marketability

Seeing is believing.

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