Recycled Glass Bottles Require Multiple Processes

Recycled Glass Bottles Require Multiple Processes

More companies are using recycled glass to make their bottles and save on operating expenses. Using this material requires less energy and costs less than processing new materials into glass containers. Processing facilities use glass sorting equipment to recycle discarded glass jars and bottles into a furnace-ready product for manufacturers to purchase and form into the desired shapes.

The process of recycling glass is more than just pulverizing or melting the glass into new forms. This method involves many intricate steps using special equipment. Glass is made clear or dye is added to achieve green and brown colors. Glass sorting equipment is needed to separate the glass items according to color since the dyed glass cannot be mixed together when creating new glass products. Brown glass can only be recycled into brown containers, and green glass can only be used to make green bottles. However, certain chemicals can be used to remove any dye before combining clear, green and brown glass.

The first step involves removing all labels and lids and cleaning off any unusable debris and foreign matter that would weaken the recycled product. A cullet processor then crushes the glass into small pieces called cullet. This substance proceeds through a screening and detection process to locate any metal, paper, and plastic substances. A powerful vacuum removes these elements since they would weaken the strength of the recycled product.

Ceramic substances are also detected and and removed through a fine sizing method. This process leaves only very fine ceramic dust that is eliminated from the product. If left in the mix, defects and imperfections could greatly affect recycled glass.

The remaining glass is then combined with soda ash, limestone and sand that are the components needed to make glass products. This product can now be sold to manufacturers to make new jars and bottles by heating in a furnace and molding to the size and shape needed.

Recycling glass bottles and jars using glass sorting equipment, such as Glass ColorSort, is cost effective and uses less energy and time to produce new glass products. This also saves the environment since discarded glass does not decompose like other products in landfills.