MSS MetalMiner induction sorter
                                          Patrick Nicol, Director of Technology

With this strategic hiring, MSS is poised to embark on an exciting journey of AI-driven innovations and advancements.

Nashville, TN MSS, a division of CP Group and a leading provider of optical sorting and AI solutions to the recycling and waste management industry, is delighted to announce the appointment of Patrick Nicol as the Director of Technology. 

Nicol’s journey in recycling began at a young age when he witnessed his small-town pioneering recycling efforts. This exposure ignited his passion for waste management and the realization that valuable materials were being discarded without a second thought. With a background in engineering, he saw an opportunity to be part of something bigger and immediately seized the chance to work in the recycling business.

When asked about his professional achievements, Nicol humbly expressed that he treats all projects with equal intensity. With the industry’s evolving demands, changing human behaviors, and a scarcity of labor resources, Nicol emphasizes the need for continuous improvement in system design specifically in automation. He particularly highlights the success achieved through the integration of NIR optical sorters and AI vision systems, as they play a pivotal role in making recycling systems more intelligent and efficient while removing the dependency on manual sorting.

Reflecting on CP Group’s involvement in recent recycling technology advancements, Nicol praises the company’s comprehensive approach. Notably, the introduction of the Auger Screen, which replaces the pre-sort process to a post screen QC station and enhances safety by removing needles and sharps from the stream manual sorters see. Additionally, the partnership with Recycleye brings AI capabilities to CP Group’s portfolio, opening doors to revolutionary advancements. “AI is a powerful tool with untapped potential, we eagerly anticipate the transformative impact it will have on recycling systems”, says Nicol.

In his new role at MSS, Nicol is enthusiastic about implementing the AI platform and improving the maintenance-friendliness of their state-of-the-art optical sorters. He is deeply passionate about selective sorting, vision, and extraction, and is committed to listening to customers to turn their visions into reality. Patrick recognizes the dynamic nature of the recycling industry and is determined to contribute to CP Group’s ongoing success by embracing innovation and meeting the evolving needs of clients.

Looking ahead, Nicol sees a bright future for recycling, affirming that it is an essential and enduring industry. Nicol adds, “The recycling business is here to stay, this is just the right thing to do. In fact, we are now widening the spectrum of recycling by including MSW streams as energy supply. Our new equipment technology can target good recyclables in a stream we couldn’t even think of touching before.”

CP Group congratulates Patrick Nicol on his return and eagerly anticipates the positive impact he will make in driving AI initiatives and pushing the boundaries of recycling technology. With Nicol’s expertise and CP Group’s dedication to innovation, the company is poised to shape the future of recycling.