Refuse-Derived Fuel (RDF) Sorting

Refused-Derived Fuel Sorting

MSS Optical Sorters have what it takes to automatically sort even the “dirtiest” of RDF material streams. Our technology is field-proven and used in combination with mechanical processing and separation systems. While being able to generate an RDF stream with consistent calorific value or remove prohibitive contaminants (PVC) from the stream automatically.

Ultra-Efficient Separation, Powerful Optical Sorters

There are several areas in a RDF processing facility where MSS optical sorters are in a position to provide added value for our customers. The automated removal of PVC and positive extraction of high-calorific materials to produce an RDF stream with consistent calorific value are two of the most used applications.

CIRRUS® with MaxSelect™

Our newest generation NIR and color separator, with up to 16x the pixel resolution than other optical sorters. It truly provides optical sorting in high definition! We can also build it wider than any of our other machines. So if you are looking to process high throughputs the CIRRUS® will provide you with an ultra-efficient and unmatched sorting performance.


Our longest running sensor-based technology! We have used our own induction-based metal detection technology for more than 30 years in dozens of different applications. The latest generation provides maximum sensitivity at low cost and durability. As a stand-alone unit, the MetalSort™ provides for the removal of metal contaminants (ferrous, non-ferrous and stainless) from MSW streams.