Optical Sorting of Plastics by Resin Type and Color

The Aladdin™ sorts plastic bottles in MRFs and recycling facilities by plastic resin and color. It generates up to three outputs from one input.

By performing the identification in flight, the Aladdin™ can separate opaque from transparent objects and provides double signal intensity for transparent objects (light-blue PET, PVC/PET).

Aladdin™ contains NIR and color sensing capabilities to sort by resin and by color. Furthermore, an optional transmission sensor allows for the sorting by opacity (e.g. transparent vs. opaque PET) as well as positive identification of black plastics such as thermoforms.


  • In flight detection for over 15 years
  • Single-eject or dual-eject setup
  • Color touchscreen
  • Remote Ethernet access
  • Language selection
  • Change recipes by the touch of a button


  • Material Recovery Facilities
  • Plastic Recycling


  • All-metal detector
  • Split configuration
  • Statistics and quality control reports

Is the Aladdin Right for Your Operation?