Near-infrared, color, and metal sorting in high-definition.

Near-infrared, color, and metal sorting in high-definition.

High-resolution near-infrared, color, and metal sorting technology

Ultimate separation efficiency for your operation

CIRRUS™ is the world's most sophisticated optical recycling technology. Offering in flight detection with illuminated reference, as well as over-the-belt detection with reflective reference, CIRRUS™ accurately sorts materials using advanced identification algorithms and precise air jets. 

CIRRUS™ is the optical sorter of choice for facilities processing plastics, single stream, e-waste, MSW, C&I, and C&D material.

CIRRUS™ can easily be integrated into existing processing systems. Each unit is tailored to your specific sorting application so no material goes unseen.

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Key Benefits of CIRRUS™

  • Increase system capacity

  • Improve your bottom line

  • Recover the highest quality commodities

  • Reduce manual labor & increase safety


  • Extraction of specific plastic, paper, and metal commodities from material stream

  • Removal of RDF contaminants such as PVC

  • Generation of BTU-specific RDF fuels

  • Sorting of plastic resins and colors

About MSS

MSS, Inc. has been a pioneer in the recycling industry more for over 35 years. We specialize in innovating high-tech automated automated optical sorting systems for plastics, paper, glass, metals, wood, electronic scrap.

MSS's advanced, state-of-the-art optical sorting equipment is industry-proven to achieve the most efficient separation of available. Automated sensor-based sorting systems provide you with the cost-effective, time-saving technology, and the flexibility you need.


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About CP Group

CP Group is an award winning supplier of automated turn-key processing and sorting systems for residential recycling, single stream recycling, MSW management, waste to energy solutions, construction and demolition, and electronic waste recovery.

A leader in the industry, CP Group is recognized for superior engineering, innovation, and equipment durability. We have designed, manufactured and installed over 400 material recovery facilities internationally, and we continue to lead the industry with innovative, high-tech material separation technology.


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